Mild Bills Verde Rules




I.          Rules for Verde Competition


i.   Head Cook or designee must register (name, address, & email) at cook off headquarters

ii. Head Cook will receive their judging cup and initial for receipt at Registration. Remove the 

numbered ticket from the cup, write your name on the ticket and keep in a safe place. Winners will 

be announced by the number and it must be presented to claim the award.

iii. Cooks must not “mark” cup in any way. If cup is damaged, a replacement can be obtained by 

turning in damaged cup and numbered ticket.

iv.    Cooks must be at least 18 Years Old to enter the cookoff.

b.     Preparing Chili

i. Chili must be cooked on site the day of the cookoff from scratch. “Scratch” means starting with 

raw meat and using regular spices. Commercial Chili Powder is Permissible, but complete commercial 

chili mixes are NOT permitted.

ii.    Chili must be prepared in the open in as sanitary a manner as possible.

iii. Chili Verde is the combination of any kind of meats cooked with green chili peppers, various 

spices and other ingredients. NO BEANS, PASTA, GARNISH, POTATOES, or similar items are not allowed.

iv. No ingredients may be precooked in any other way prior to the cook off. The only exceptions are 

canned / bottled tomatoes, tomato sauce, peppers, pepper sauce, broth & grinding and or mixing of 


v. Meat may be pre-cut or Ground. No one meat is preferred over the other. MEAT CAN NOT BE PRE 

COOKED, in any manner. All other items must be cut / chopped or prepared at the cook off.

vi.    The Head Cook must prepare the chili to be judged.

c.     Turning in Chili

i.    No More than One Judging Sample can be taken from any on pot.

ii.    Each Cook may turn in only one cup chili.

iii. At turn-in time, fill you cup ¾ full (or leave at least 1-inch head space) and take it to the 

Cookoff Headquarters. DO NOT BE LATE.

iv.    Your chili will be judged on Appearance, Aroma and Taste.

II.         MILD BILLS Judging Procedure

a.     Judging Cups

i.    Use Identical Cups (16-24 oz. Styrofoam) with lids and numbered tickets attached with tape to 

the outside of the cup, with a correspondingly numbered ticket placed either inside the cup or if 

using double tickets, tape down one ticket where the second one can be torn off by the cook (Be 

watchful that the side of the ticket with the number is not the side applied to the tape.)

ii.    Cups should not be kept in any order. Always make extra cups.

b.     Turn-In And Judging Number Procedure

i.    As Cups are turned in for judging, have workers collect the cups in large containers,

ii. The containers are then taken to a different set of workers who will randomly move the cups, 

one at a time, and using a permanent marker will mark the cup with a Table Letter and Number. 

(Example: 45 Cook; 3 Preliminary Judging Tables – A, B, & C; therefore, cups are marked A-1 thru 

A-15, B-1 thru B-15, & C-1 thru C-15.) Continue the process until all cups turned in are properly 

marked and taken to the appropriate judging tables.


iv. Outside Judging Number should be changed at each stage of judging – Use a different color 

marker at each round of judging.

c.     Judging Procedure

i. Judging Sheets should be numbered 1 to 25 or more, down the side with space for the judges 

score. An official judging sheet with general rules is included with the cook off packet.



ii. Judging will be done using preliminary and final judges, and when necessary, semi-final. When 

there are 20 or less Chilies to be judged at a cook off, it is permissible to eliminate the 

preliminary judging stage and proceed to final table judging.

iii. It is permissible to draw a portion of the Preliminary Judges from head cooks or other cooking 

team members. This should be done by using a random drawing rather than pre - selection or a 

“sign-up to judge” list. Judges shall be at least 18 years old. Each table should have at least 5 

judges. Odd Number of Judges at each table.

iv. Final and Semi-Final shall not have been judges in the preliminaries. Final Table judges shall 

not be associated with any cook at that given cook off and shall abstain from tasting any chili 

prior to judging. A suggested number of Final Tables Judges is 9 or more, but no less than 5. Odd 

number of Judges.

v. In Judging, a minimum of four chilies must come off each preliminary table (preferably one half 

of the chilies on the table) and go to final table judging. In large cook offs, when this creates 

to many chilies on final tables, semifinal tables should be used. Judging should be divided among 

the tables so the final table will end up with preferable no more than 21 chilies, but no less the 


vi. Each Table should have a table monitor to control the movement of the cups and answer 

questions. Refer to the Table Monitor Instruction in the Cook Off Packet. Discussion of the Chilies 

will not be permitted. Any questions as to disqualification of a chili will be directed to the 

referee by the table monitor for a final decision.

vii. One score takes into consideration all criteria for scoring chili: The criteria being Aroma, 

Consistency, Taste, After Taste, & Green Color. Each Cup is scored on its own merits from 1 to 10; 

10 being the highest & 1 being the worst. Each Judge must give a score to each cup of chili.

viii.    Judges must use a new spoon for each taste.

ix. The table monitor should collect judging sheets and make sure that each judge at the table has 

judged and scored each chili. Judges may not re-taste chili after it is passed. The total points 

will determine the winner.

x. Judging sheets from each table should be tabulated in the judging area to arrive a total score 

for each chili. The chilies having the highest scores for their table, within the predetermined 

number of chilies, will advance to the next judging stage. Do not break ties within the 

predetermined chilies that must come off the preliminarily or semifinal judging tables. They are to 

be passed on for further judging.

xi. A tie-breaking panel of three judges can be used to break ties on the final judging table, if 

necessary. If there are enough judges on the final (9 or more), then some judging sheets may be 

pulled at random before tabulation, for breaking ties. It is recommended that the completed judges 

tally sheets not be made available to cooks or others to avoid unnecessary confrontations about the 

judges scores.

xii. Winning chili numbers will not be revealed until time to announce winners. At that time the 

ticket from the outside of each cup will be removed and passed to the referee for that cookoff and 

then to the announcer. Upon announcement of the winning numbers, cooks must present the signed 

matching number to claim awards and points. It is recommended that the ticket number of all cooks 

reaching the finals be announced after the completion of that announcement of all winners.

xiii. The top ten chili winners must be announced in reverse order of their finish, names, & 

addresses should be recorded as they are announced.